About us

Braingic is the bridge between science and business. Neuroscientific methods are used to research the brain in order to comprehend even beyond the human. We use science and data to decode the reality of consumer behaviour and bring more efficiency to the fast-paced businesses of our clients. 

Braingic uses Neuroscience to provide innovative training for business clients and marketers.

How does one keep up in this ever-changing and technology-driven modern world? Always keep on learning. In Braingic we believe that knowledge empowers to change the world. And business as well. It is our mission to share industry insights and spread knowledge about the magical ways of decoding our brain in order to achieve success. Seeking to simplify the experience, our neuroscience-based training programs are enriched with examples of case studies from the business world. Braingic provides the link between science and the corporate world.


Braingic combines a globally acknowledged scientific approach. We research human behaviour, emotions, attitudes, bias, and perception seeking to apply it to business. The fast growing field of Neuroscience gives us a unique opportunity to research and deeply understand cognitive and affective processes that influence purchasing. It allows to better comprehend relationships with our customers and can be exploited to ensure brand recognition, encourage more purchases, decrease bounce rates and generate more conversions. 


Our interactive training courses target all aspects of the corporate brain. Scientific data and techniques are explained with the help of magic. Strictly respecting the codes of the art of magic, we are making its use to educate people about human behaviour.
Why magic? Because this entertaining form of art is actually a valuable tool that allows accessing the brain at its most natural state. Magic provides an opportunity to challenge and condition the brain in order to research the mechanisms behind it and to better understand human cognition and behaviour.

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